Descent and Distribution

Descent and Distribution rules govern heirship in Illinois.  Generally, the rules of descent and distribution are:

If the decedent died leaving a surviving spouse and one or more descendants (children, grandchildren), then 1/2 of the estate goes to the surviving spouse and 1/2 to the descendants per stirpes;


If the decedent died and the spouse was predeceased, then . . . → Read More: Descent and Distribution

Heirship in Decedents’ Estates

Heirship in decedents estates is established, primarily, through an affidavit¬† presented when the petition for letters testamentary or letters of administration are presented, prior to the estate being opened.¬† The establishment of heirship is required in order to determine those individuals who are entitled to receive assets from an intestate estate, and in order to establish . . . → Read More: Heirship in Decedents’ Estates