General Duties of a Trustee

General Duties of a Trustee:  One of the more important considerations when discussing estate planning options is the institution or individual named as Trustee or Successor Trustee.  If one of the estate planning vehicles being considered is a revocable or “living” trust, with the grantor acting as the initial trustee, the individual or institution named as . . . → Read More: General Duties of a Trustee

Benefits of a Revocable Trust

The Benefits of a Revocable Trust are numerous.  Also known as a “Living Trust,” a Revocable Trust is formed by a grantor during his lifetime, and becomes irrevocable upon the death of the grantor.  The typical revocable trust consists of all or more of the grantor’s property, whth the trustee keeping the property and assets invested, and . . . → Read More: Benefits of a Revocable Trust

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is one of the services offered by Christine C. Karr.  Affordable options are available, and are outlined in a free initial consultation.

Estate Planning is the method by which plans are put into place which will govern the distribution of assets upon death. 

Estate Planning documents may include:

Durable Power of Attorney for Property
Power of Attorney for . . . → Read More: Estate Planning